Made In Arkansas

$ 19.95

Time to show some hometown pride in a cool, creative way.  Show where the baby was 'made' or is being raised.  This is a fun way to promote the baby's hometown with a customized design.  

You select your state and let us know the city, city nickname, or zip code where the baby was 'made'.  We'll do the legwork and place the star right over your exact city or zip code.  Be sure to spell the city correctly, otherwise we'll run into some major problems.  The state's 2 letter abbreviation is centered in the middle of the red star over the city.  

If you wish to put your own nickname of the city (ie..Chitown or The Big Apple), you need to make sure we know the exact location of the city so we can place the star in the correct position.  You can let us know the REAL city name in the "Special Instruction' area below the city/zip text entry box.

If you provide a specific neighborhood like 'SoHo' in New York City, 'The Marina District' in San Francisco, or 'Lincoln Park' in Chicago.  Make sure it's spelled correctly and that it can be located on Google Maps.  Otherwise we won't know where to place the star.

The character max for the custom city name is 13 characters.

These designs are organized in alphabetical order by the state name.  Please find your state and add your city. 

***Click on the the specific onesie or shirt you like for color and sizing options.

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