About Us

Baby's Got Soul is made up of two guys named Joe & Ted who like to have some fun and make cool, creative designs.

Joe is the CFO (Chief Funky Officer), designer, and director of fun at Baby's Got Soul.  His goal is to wake up everyday and have fun with his 'job'.  If that entails making funny shirts and writing witty little sayings on a onesie, then he's gonna do it.  Joe says, "I've always had funky, creative, one liners running through my head.  Is that strange??  Maybe.  But I always thought I could get these ideas/thoughts into some sort of designs one day.  Then that progressed into making adult t-shirts and now baby clothes.  I wanted to create baby designs where people look at them and they say....damn, that Baby's Got Soul!!"

After Joe realized the corporate sales gig wasn't really his bag out of college, he switched to managing and opening bars & restaurants.  Joe says, "Although I love the nonstop action of the service industry, what always peaks my interest is when I see someone wearing a great shirt. So why not produce funky shirts and have some fun?"  Joe & Ted met randomly while working together and began tossing around t-shirt and business ideas.  Ted was taking web development and design classes so it was a great fit for starting an online t-shirt company.  From there, it didn't take long for Joe & Ted to start this new business venture together.  

In 2013, they decided to make the jump forward and launch their website www.hiddenthreads.com which started with San Diego and Chicago themed designs.  Joe says, "We both live in San Diego but both grew up in Chicago.  Once we launched Hidden Threads and built our workshop in San Diego, we wanted to tackle the baby market."  So, Joe took the lead to start creating/printing baby designs to sell at San Diego Farmers Markets while Ted worked on Hidden Threads and their wholesale printing business.  Now that both websites are live, they plan on growing Baby's Got Soul and Hidden Threads to great heights together. 

Joe says "Once our friends and family started having kids, we realized just how many lame, bland, predictable onesies there were out there.  I just didn't see many that I wanted to buy for gifts or many that were creative, fresh ideas.  So, I would write out pages of ideas in my free time and compiled a huge list of design concepts."

The goal behind Baby's Got Soul was to produce creative baby designs that are....

  • Unique enough that you haven't seen them
  • Funny enough where they put a smile on your face
  • Creative enough where they bring fresh ideas to the market
  • Classy enough where they don't offend people
  • Witty enough where they make you think twice
  • Inspirational enough to make people want to eat/live healthy while promoting positive thoughts to the next generation
  • Affordable enough that you can buy something fun, funky, and soulful...while not breaking the bank


Baby's Got Soul is born...

In March 2014, Joe started selling their baby designs at a few San Diego Farmers Markets and the response was incredibly positive.  Since these were SD Farmers Markets that's why there's alot of designs targeted at SD, the beach, outdoor lifestyle, healthy living, etc.  Joe says, "Everyone that walked by our booth would laugh and point at all the funny, play on words designs.  It was awesome seeing their reactions and it inspired me to make more creative, funny designs."

In addition to the SD designs, there's plenty for everyone and many more to be added weekly.  Many of these designs can be customized so you can add a baby's name, the baby's home town (rather than SD), or a cute tagline to make the perfect customized gift or present.   Joe says "Hopefully we can help YOU find that inexpensive yet unique baby shower, birthday, Christmas, or just fun gift for that important little person in your life."

Baby's Got Soul believes... if we can make people laugh and think twice about a fun/funky design idea, then everyone is happy.  Life gets too stressful for too many people too often.  Let's make some fun designs for the people in our lives who have no stress...the babies.  If your biggest worry all day was to figure out when you'll get fed and when to relieve yourself in your diaper, then you'd be sporting funny carefree shirts too.  Alot of these designs are a sarcastic take on what a baby would say if they could talk.  Some other designs show hometown pride and then there's some that are as simple as a positive thought/saying to spread some love.

Joe says, "I was raised in Chicago by a great family with lots of love and laughter, so that helped inspire alot of these designs.  Seeing my friends and family with their babies also opened the floodgates for plenty of design ideas."  

Joe & Ted are very excited to launch Baby's Got Soul online in November 2014.  So feel free to shop around the site and 'Spread the Soul' by sporting some Baby's Got Soul gear!!

Thanks for your support and visiting our site.  Be sure to check out our other website Hidden Threads.

Joe & Ted