Baby Thermal Blanket - Personalized

$ 19.95

This super soft 30"x40" thermal blanket is perfect for a creative, unique baby present.  You can customize and personalize these blankets a few different ways.  Print the baby's name, date of birth, initials, or even your own custom text.  These blankets are 100% cotton.

Choose large text running along the top, smaller text in the corner, or a combo of both.  This blanket is perfect for hanging over a crib or displaying on a bed.  It's so soft you might just snuggle with it yourself.

You select the desired text, the placement, and the font...


Choose an option below or leave this box blank if you desire only text in the CORNER.  Separate info with commas.

Option 1 for TOP -  Baby's name & birthday (most popular)

Option 2 for TOP - Provide your own custom text or phrase.  Examples include...'Cutest Baby Ever', 'New Kid On The Block', 'It's Snuggle Time', etc...


Provide info listed below or leave this box blank if you desire only text at the TOP.  Separate info with commas.

-  Baby's name & birthday or baby's initials & birthday.

FONT OPTIONS: Select One. See 'font image' for actual font layouts.

Font 1 -Block Letters

Font 2 - Super Cursive

Font 3 - High End

Font 4 - Fancy Script


*****PLEASE double check spelling for baby's name and any custom text.  Once it's printed, it can't be changed.  Also double check date of birth.  


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